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Have you ever read a catchy headline only to be re-directed to an "Enter your email here" page?... I hate that!.. This may come as an absolute shock, but you won't find anything like that here!... I have no intention of collecting your information just to chase or Spam you,.. My goal is to simply arm you with honest straight forward information, enough so for you to make an informed decision,... The truth of the matter is this. The information you are about to view is powerful!.. You will either be ALL IN and excited to make a positive financial change,.. or you won't,.. it's just that simple,... so with that,.. Thank You, and enjoy your SPAM free journey!
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Your Lifestyle Powered by Gold and Silver
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  •  Time Freedom: Own your future, choose your own schedule
  •  Travel the World: Take your business with you anywhere in the world
  •  Freedom and Security: Full-time Income on a Part-time basis
  •  Champion of the Average Person getting ahead: Average people earning Above Average Income,  your Journey to Freedom and Wealth
The $1.2 Million Dollar Mistake
 Don't make this same Money Mistake

"Best Decision EVER"

"7k Metals has changed the way I think about precious metals and has given me a way to gain tangible assets for my family's future. I had never purchased precious metals until I became a member here at 7k Metals. However, since May it has become a regular habit for me and my husband.

- Bonnie Parman

What you don't know
 Could be Costing you a Fortune

"I Earned More on a Part-time basis than I did as a Full-time Real Estate Agent"

"I'm a real estate agent in Northwest Montana. In 2018 I earned more money sharing 7k Metals on a part-time basis than I did as a full-time real estate agent. It has been rewarding to help hundreds of those in our area earn extra income and begin owning gold and silver.7k Metals commission checks just kept coming weekly.

- Dhana Nelson

Don't let Big Banks guide your Decisions
Empower yourself

"The Perfect Business"

"I am 28 years old, I am a Deputy Sherrif, but have also always been an entrepreneur. Buying gold and silver has allowed me to purchase other assets like real estate. This business has given me a way to develop my passion as an entrepreneur without taking large financial risks, without taking time away from my family, and allowing me to help others succeed as entrepreneurs as well." 

- Joseph Chantry

Tangible Real Money Assets
A Win Win Win Scenario

"A Life I could have only Dreamed about"

"It has been a 20 year dream of mine to own a piece of land near Glacier National Park. As a result of consistently buying Gold and Silver I was able to leverage it and buy 160 acres of my dream property. Gold and Silver have given me a life I could have only dreamed of and now I get it at the best price. 

- Richard Hansen

Read This Before Going ANY further:
From The Desk Of Chip Gasser
Hamer, Idaho.

I'd like to personally thank you for taking the time and initiative to learn more about this life changing opportunity. If you're like me, you've probably watched far too many people struggle as the economy fluctuates, employment issues arise, or unexpected changes come up in life. And if you're like me, maybe you've even been there yourself.. The stress, the uncertainty,.. It can darn sure build character, but It's sure not much fun,...

Allow me to introduce myself,...
I Was Stuck...
Hello, My name is Chip Gasser,.. I live in a small Eastern Idaho town with my beautiful wife Katie, and our four amazing kids. Our life today is Awesome, I can't complain,.. but it hasn't always been quite that way....

I bet you'd agree with me that this gift we all call "Life" can sure throw a few hurdles at you on your journey. I've been fortunate to have enjoyed both successes and failures, ups and downs, from having plenty and living a life of contribution to wondering just how to answer to a growing list of collections. "It all builds character" is a term I've used quite consistently. - It wasn't all that long ago that I found myself stuck... Stuck in the realization that so called "Job Security" today just does not exist. Stuck in the frustration of losing all faith in our Government and in their politics, with the realization that my generation and generations after will probably never see a penny of the hard earned money we've all paid into a failed Social Security system,.. Stuck also in carrying the weight of obligation to not only provide for my family and the dreams of our four incredible kids, but to help provide for our parents and elderly loved ones who in their golden years, should never be challenged with the rising costs of care, or the fear of not knowing how they'll even make ends meat.

I was stuck,.. that is until,.. when at a time I least expected it, from someone whom I least expected it from,.. I was introduced to this incredible business. There's nothing quite as freeing as the feeling of the weight being lifted. This business has offered a life changing head-start for our children to begin their life's journey, a secure path for a future where retirement is now in view, a hand up to those whom we love, who's only efforts today should be in enjoying their golden years. After all, they've earned it!

I'm excited for you to be here right now, right where I was then,.. This business has changed the lives of our Members from all across the country. That same opportunity for positive change is waiting right here for you as well,... that is, if you'll take action,...
Which brings me to my next question,...
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  •  Own your Future: Enjoy Time freedom and financial security. Learn how to leverage the power of Gold and Silver to create financial independence, preserve wealth, and live an exceptional life
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