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Which best describes what may not be working for you currently? Which describes best your biggest challenge?
I'm actually plum happy to just keep doing what I'm doing,.. I'm really not that serious about making a change,.. I was bored so I clicked on your site hoping you may send me something free.
Theres just too much month at the end of the money,.. the stress, the headaches,.. enough is enough!.. I NEED TO SUPPLIMENT MY INCOME NOW!.. HELP!
Doing OK financially, but I'm tired of being tired,.. I'm just too busy,.. too stressed,.. I want my life back!.. I want time to enjoy the important things,.. TIME FREEDOM PLEASE!
I've finally come to the realization that so called "JOB SECURITY" today is an absolute myth!.. I've lost ALL faith in our Government, and in Social Security ever being enough, or if it will even be there for me at all when I need it!.. I dont want to work the rest of my life,.. I'M SEARCHING FOR PLAN B !
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