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You've always had a feeling buying Gold and Silver was a good idea,.. but you've had questions, such as: How do I know I'm getting a good deal? Who should I be buying it from? How much should I buy? What is the best presentation, type, and quality?... Well, today is your lucky day!.. We're about to answer your questions, and put your fears to rest.
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The Bretton Woods System
  •  What Happened: What actually happened to the U.S. Dollar?
  •  1944 The Bretton Woods System: The U.S. Dollar chosen as the world's currency
  •  President Nixon: The Gold Suspension Act of 1971
  •  Fiat Currency: Currency backed by Nothing
" Gold and Silver is money,.. Everything else is credit."  - J. P. Morgan
  •  Exclusive Buyers Club: A different kind of model, Sam's Club, Costco, Amazon
  •  Easy and accessible precious metals: Providing a way for average people to achieve Financial Independence, Preserve Wealth, and Live an Exceptional Life
  •  Absolute best pricing: Saving you money by cutting out the middlemen, acting as our own broker, dealer, and wholesaler.
  •  At Cost Gold and Silver: Some of the most popular coins and bullion in the world, no minimums, no hassles
" Gold and Silver is still the ultimate store of wealth. It's the world's only true money, and there isn't much of it to go around."  - Mark Nestmann
Product Testimonials
  •  Member Direct Pricing: Highly competitive pricing, no minimums, no maximums
  •  Assets that never expire: Accumulating Tangible Real Money Assets at Member Direct Pricing
  •  Valued Members: Preserving Wealth, Building Financial Security, owning your Future
  •  A Trusted Source: Taking the fear out of buying precious metals Gold and Silver
" Gold and Silver have a world market that transcends national borders, politics, religions, and race,.. Holding real Gold and Silver is the best way to Financial Independence."  - Robert Kiyosaki 
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  •  24/7 support: We're right here whenever you need us, personal cell phone, email and contact info included
  •  The absolute best pricing: At-cost gold and silver, no minimums or maximums, no commissions, no hidden fees, ever!
  •  Valued Membership: High demand, Highly collectible, low minting low circulation collectible coins updated weekly
  •  Travel the World: Your 7K Getaway! Accrue travel dollars to use vacationing however you like. Absolutely FREE with your Coin of the Month Subscription
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